Join the February 7th-9th 2020 Live Event

Join the February 7th-9th 2020 Live Event

3 Days to learn the skills … a lifetime to enjoy them!


With The World’s Fastest Hypnotist: 
Sean Michael Andrews

We all have that one person whether it is a friend, colleague or someone we admire who just seems to have it all. Everywhere they go people gravitate to them. Everyone finds them fun, engaging, they are the most interesting people in the room … UNTIL NOW!

Sean Michael Andrews didn’t grow up with the skills to entertain tens of thousands of people across the world and on the streets, he was just like you and me. Quiet, a bit insecure, maybe not quite fitting in with the cool people … but that all changed for him and it will for you!

Now, with almost two decades of mastering skills such as Instant Induction hypnosis, becoming a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, teaching his Instant Induction and street hypnosis skills in 17 countries and performing on television in 4 countries while hitting the streets where he puts his skills on display for all to see, Sean IS the most interesting person n the room EVERYWHERE he goes … and you will be too!


How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Would being able to build instant rapport help you generate more sales? If you are out at a lunch or a dinner meeting would being able to rapidly hypnotize someone or using hypnotic phenomena make you stand out? Then this is for you! 

How about being able to use hypnosis or hypnotic phenomena in your sales presentations to blow your prospects away … nobody could compete with that! 

What if you are a sales manager, how powerful would your team be if you could hypnotize them to overcome their fears of prospecting, selling and closing!

How many times have you hypnotized someone only for them to say at the end ‘That was relaxing but I don’t think I was hypnotized?’ If you never want to hear those words again? Then this is for you!

Imagine enhancing your ability to achieve hypnosis while also drawing clients into your practice. Most hypnotists see 5 clients or less per week, by attending this live event and mastering Instant Inductions you can generate a never ending chain of new client for your business and Sean shows you how!

How incredible would it be to have the ability to be able to INSTANTLY Hypnotize someone you know or even don’t know. 

Would you like to be THE person people gravitate to or the life of the party … don’t miss this ONE TIME event .


If you could walk up to someone on the street, anyone, and hypnotize them … is there anything you couldn’t do? Think about this for a moment. What would that do for your confidence, your self-esteem, how about your self-worth! How many people do you know who can do that? For most of us the answer is ZERO! 

This event is not just about doing INSTANT INDUCTIONS, it is about transformation… yours. It is about using these skills in everyday life. It’s about helping you be the person you want to be … and it will all happen over a single weekend!

What Sean’s students are saying ...

Sean Michael Andrews 

The world’s most recognized authority in INSTANT INDUCTONS

2018 Hypnotist of the Year – International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT)
2016 Educator of the Year – MAHC
2013 Hypnotist of the Year – MAHC

Just a few of the things you will learn

  • Learn how to establish DEEP rapport with anyone
  • Learn how to use hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena to entertain your friends at parties
  • You will know the tricks to using hypnotic inductions for groups
  • ​Sean rarely fails to hypnotize someone whether a client or on the street, why? You will see, learn and implement the exact system Sean uses to achieve these incredible results with his Zero Failure hypnosis routine
  • ​Rapid and instant inductions – Build your arsenal with numerous Instant Inductions including the ‘Hand Drop’ ‘Arm Pull’ and the ‘Pattern Interrupt’ among many others
  • ​Time distortion – When it comes to convincers Sean will load you up with time distortion techniques and tricks that leave no doubt in your subject’s mind that they were hypnotized
  • May I have my watch back? – See how to hypnotize someone so that they give you their watch … and are happy to do so!
  • ​Fractionation – Achieving deep trance quickly and efficiently reducing time and maximizing results
  • Stage Hypnosis – Learn the secrets Sean uses when he is performing on the stage!
  • How to get booked for shows – Would you like to get paid for hypnotizing people? Cut through years of trial and error with Sean’s real life experience so you can get booked NOW!
  • High Performance Pacing – What you need to know and why you need to know it.
  • ​Conversational hypnosis – Trance without an induction! Erickson’s techniques for turning casual conversation into a hypnotic state.
  • How to easily hypnotize the most “challenging” subjects – Yes, we can all be hypnotized
  • ​Abreaction – What it is and what you need to know. Vital information for every hypnotist; whether stage, street or clinical!
  • ​The power of the pre-talk – THE key to a successful demonstration
  • ​Ide-motor response – Simple and fun ways to gauge the best people to work with on the street.
  • ​Mass Ideomotor demonstrations – Want to work a crowd of dozens to thousands at a time … learn the self-working Pendulum 
  • ​What is a Hypnotic hangover – Learn it then use it for your benefit


  • Preparing the subject for instant trance
  • Ambiguous Touch induction
  • Handshake Interrupt induction
  • ​Shortened Elman Induction
  • ​The phonebooth induction
  • How to hypnotize by mail or email
  • ​The Baby Bunny induction
  • ​Street hypnosis inductions
  • “Ambush” style non-consensual inductions (So you know how to defend)
  • ​How to spot someone you should NOT hypnotize
  • ​Easy ways to determine depth of trance
  • ​Deepeners that REALLY work
  • ​Amnesia
  • ​Catalepsy
  • ​Safety considerations
  • ​Instant induction theory. How to invent your own induction by “reverse engineering” other people’s instant inductions

Upcoming Class Schedule and Registration Information

FEBRUARY 7-9, 2020
Training runs Friday afternoon at 3pm through Sunday afternoon at 3pm
from 9am to 5pm Saturday.

This EXCLUSIVE training is available for only 20 people and when you purchase by Friday November 15th you will receive a complimentary vacation with a total value of up to $3,500 (Certain terms and conditions apply)

But you MUST purchase by Friday November 15th 2019 at 8pm eastern time to receive this complementary vacation

Early Bird Tuition is only $697 USD for the event

Here are some more testimonials from former students of Sean Michael Andrews The World’s Fastest Hypnotist: Don’t miss out sign up now this live event is limited to 20 people only!

Fantastic, entertaining course. Loved the way the information was tailored to the group’s specific need. – Michael Goldblatt MD (Adelaide, South Australia)

Excellent. Loved it. Lots of practice time. Please come back for Age Regression. Terrific. I’m in! – 
Linda Hay CH ( Ottawa , Ontario )

Great course! Well worth the trip to Sydney. I’m feeling a lot more confident doing instant inductions now! Thank you. – Silke Herwald (Brisbane, Queensland)

I’m going away with more confidence and great skills for my hypnotism tool box – 
Chris Rawlinson CH ( Ottawa , Ontario )

A great information packed seminar that incorporates ample hands on practice to increase confidence and success with clients. – Kelly Lightheart CH ( Ottawa , Ontario )

A fun and instructive course, even for a beginner. I found it very useful and relevant. – 
David Bednarczuk MD (Adelaide, South Australia)

Excellent course! I have a great understanding of so many inductions including Elman. – 
Jason Gordon CH ( Ottawa , Ontario )

Sean Michaels Andrews’ Rapid / Instant Seminar is a great tool for every hypnotist who wants to bring their inductions into our current age and time! With the knowledge you gain from Sean’s seminar you will be able to do some fun Street Hypnosis and do it SAFELY. Sean does a great job of covering most bases you will encounter when doing Street hypnosis so get ready to put your skills ahead of the rest. – 
Jason , Certified Hypnotist, Ohio

Sean has an infectious, positive energy that makes for an excellent learning experience. – 
John Filiss, (C.H. Florida)

I have been a professional hypnotist since 2002 and still learned useful techniques from Sean Michael Andrews’ one-day “Instant & Rapid Inductions” training. Sean’s teaching style is fun, fast moving and highly informative because of the breadth and depth of his own hypnosis training. – 
Judy McBride, CHt ( Annapolis , Maryland )

Sean’s level of knowledge was phenomenal. He walks his talk – 
Peter McAuley, (Sydney, NSW Australia)

Great course. Crisp, clean, with great demos and plenty of practice and very rapid learning! – 
Oscar Gillespie, ( New York )

This was wonderfully comprehensive. Great teacher. Great classmates. – 
Kristy Kissel, ( Florida )

This was a most interesting presentation which was so much fun we didn’t realize eight hours had passed. – 
Linda Chidlow (C.H. Canada)

Very comprehensive coverage of techniques. Entertaining, informative and educational. – 
Cheryl Campbell (Sydney, NSW)

Mr. Andrews’ style of teaching was engaging and thorough while his personality provided an enriching and jovial atmosphere. His command of knowledge surrounding the applications of hypnotherapy were vast and I would definitely encourage anyone to attend Sean Andrews’ classes! – 
Sean G., Certified Hypnotist

A great class for learning both instant and rapid inductions AND the theory behind them in order to create our own inductions. Time well spent! – 
PS (Columbia , MD)

Lots of fun! Sean was encouraging to everyone, with plenty of opportunity to hone your new skills. – 
Roxene Cossill (Sydney, NSW Australia)

I feel that I can reliably and confidently hypnotize people in street and public situations. Great! – 
I. (Howard County , MD)

Excellent mixture of background material, demonstrations and hands-on experience! – 
Carmen Benitez (Annapolis , MD)

An Excellent intro and overview of hypnosis – 
Steve Wilkinson C.H. (Indiana)

Excellent course. Packed with lots of good material and training. Very practical! – 
Shahz Bagha (Toronto , Ontario)

This is my first experience both as a subject and student hypnotist. The quality and level of instruction and practical experience of Sean & Stephanie made it enjoyable and excellent – 
Eddie Leong (New Jersey)

Thanks Sean. I have so much more confidence now using instant inductions. Great seminar. – 
Craig Homonnay CH (Adelaide, South Australia)

I really liked it. The course gave a thorough and in-depth instruction on rapid hypnosis, and covered all the material in just a few hours. I am able to not just retain, but USE the info learned. – 
Rachel O’Connell (McLean , VA)

Hey Sean. Just wanted to thank you again for coming up to Ottawa . Had an incredible time. You are a fabulous teacher and we are already looking forward to your return. Save travels and I thank you again!! – 
Kenda McCaskill CH (Ottawa , Ontario)

This course is worth every penny of the cost and then some! Sean’s follow-up help after the course is excellent also! – John Wimbish, (C.H. Florida)

Instantly elevated my hypnotism skills. Finally I have an answer for the age old question. “So, you’re a hypnotist. Show me something right now! – 
David Studor CH (Ottawa , Ontario)

Excellent class for a complete beginner. Enthusiasm of Sean is very contagious. – 
Evan Brown MD (Adelaide, South Australia)

Sean is the Rapid Induction Guru. If you want to learn rapid inductions, this class is for you. – 
Kunle Ajose C.H. ( London , UK )

If you want to gain confidence in instant and rapid inductions, this is the course to take! – 
Edith Miller CH (Ottawa, Ontario)

A great, fun course. Something for everyone… learned lots. – 
Julie Stanley CH (Perth, Western Australia)

Awesome – Such fun while learning some very powerful techniques. Thank you. – 
Belinda Barrie CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

5 out of 5. A real eye openers to what is achievable using rapid inductions. Definitely something I will be practicing now I am aware of its capabilities. – 
Arnold Scott CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

The course was very entertaining, concise and practical. I learnt a lot of new skills and got to practice them with great success on the day.. – 
Paul Barrett CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

The learning never ends, does it?! Enjoyed the group dynamics plus Sean’s expertise and attention to details. Great to experience such advanced work personally. – 
Julie Meaden CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

Rapid learning, rapid induction, rapid fun. I enjoyed the humble and efficient teaching style. Very refreshing.
 Annie Garrett CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

I have been a hypnotherapist for many years and attended many workshops… a couple for instant inductions. This class with Sean has been a lesson of re-learning the right way. Thank you Sean. – 
Sandra Williams CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

5 out of 5. Really Informative & Interactive. – 
Lindsay Galloway CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

The information I’ve learnt is priceless. – 
Reyonald Javien CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

I have definitely grown in confidence and can’t wait to get practicing especially on my Dad! (Who has also done your course.) – 
Rebecca Elson CH (United Kingdom)

Congrats on a great training! Very enjoyable and informative. – 
Julie Grant CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

My confidence with using these techniques has increased amazingly. This was highly beneficial to my practice of hypnotherapy. – 
Wendy Arnold CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

Learnt Heaps!!! – 
Malan CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

Fantastic – Answered all my questions I had coming in today. – 
Graham Shannon CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

Train with Sean; he’s fabulous, he’s great; you’ll love it! – 
Mandy Moore CH (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

I had a fun time… It was easier than I thought it’d be. – 
Sean Klassen (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

Sean teaches you exactly what you need to know about rapid inductions. Very knowledgeable. An exciting experience. I highly recommend taking his course. – 
Jaime Diaz (Stage Hypnotist, Florida)

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